Dec 28, 2008

Stop & Stare & Sorry

I have been sitting in front of my laptop for weeks or even more than one month. DOING THESIS....!!! Argh...

Stressed out in many things and stuff... When I voice out, friends will tell me to chill, go easy on it, things will be better tomorrow, and so on. But hey! There is nothing easy in life. That's how I look at it. Those words of theirs can never give me the cure to comfort. However, it leaves anger in me sometimes. Just feel like shout out!

At least when she is sad, she knows how to show and look for comfort.

Hey people! I'm now the one who suffer!

I feel the pain!

Do you feel the same thing that I go through?
Have you ever put yourself in my shoes?
Have you ever get to know me more than I myself do?
Have you ever care to care about me?
Have you ever care to know what I am thinking?
Have you ever care to know who I am?
have you ever...

That's why most of the times, I choose not to voice it.

Keep it all. Hug it all to myself.
Walk alone barefooted on all the rocky roads.

Sorry. The words I put down here may hurt those who really care about me. But people say, when one is in emotional situation, they can never think straight.

Mirror myself on this text I'm typing now, I am now wondering, how far am I true to that statement.
But seriously, I can't really feel the care from people around me. Oh my! Am I a human made up without "care sensor". I really wish I can feel it. But how?

Wei Xiang acting skill not bad huh? So Emo..

Keep on telling myself than "no one understands better than you, yourself do".

Has this statement make me numb. I just don't know. And maybe this is the reason why I've been labelled by my friends as "Stubborn Queen".

Here are the people who labelled me as "Stubborn Queen". Thanks to Szetoo Weiwen for this photo.

The year is about to end few more days. Counting the days as I weight the happy and unhappy event that went through my life. Selecting suitable emoticon into the events and here comes the result. Imbalance. Wonder how I can go through such a SUCK life and survive till today.

Have a short chat with Szetoo Weiwen in the evening, and talking about those genius who don't really have to study and can play most of their time and strive for success so easily. She labelled them study smart. And it is not good to be a total study smart person. Must be street smart too.

But I say I'm neither or am I (street smart)?
Oh.. So that's how I survive through this sucky year?

Wonder if I still have time before the year ends?

Time for what, you ask?
Time for a change, I'll say.

Time to open the door; or
Time to close it and keep in the dark.

That I'll have to decide.

How to make my life wonderful?

How to live my life to the max?

Is all in my hand.

For I'm the only driver who can drive down the road of my life.

Others can only direct.

Thanks to Fong Way for this photo.

Which way to go, is all up to me.



szetooweiwen said...

: )
stupid thesis make people go siao wan. we can all go back to our normal lives by nxt month.

Wei Xiang said...

nice entry ai yin ;)

G.A.Y said...

szetoo: Is not thesis fault. Just pen down how I felt, what i think, and hope to guide those who are in the same boat as i am.

wei xiang: thanks for the compliment :)

Thanks for both of your comments :)