Jun 22, 2009

Rewind: The First Day (29th May 2009)

On 29th May 2009...

By 7.30am (UK time zone), we reached the Manchester Airport. It wasn't a smooth ending of the journey. Cause, one of the handle broke when we went to collect the lugage. No insurance for it unless I bought one. Well, I never buy one. So forget it. When we were reaching the exit point, seniors are out there to welcome us. I'm one of us who pushed the trolley. Not an easy pushed. The pathway surface is not flat. And the trolley is heavy. Phew... Luckily some guys come and help. Reached there ad sweat... Haiz... But never mind.

I hopped into the first shuttle. All of us around 40 cramped into it with our hand lugage. Not air-conditioned. Felt suffocated a little. But when the journey starts, then it's alrite.

Vijay, hmm... one of the senior showed us the accommodation list. Which apartment we are located. How disappointing it is. The excitement suddenly felt like being flushed down. All 6 of us are totally seperated.

Seperated never mind, then we realised something wrong with the list. We are Mass Comm students, why some of us are the only flower surrounded by grass? All others (5) are commerce and one of us being the only Mass Comm. Once we reached the "Living Liberty" Atlantic Point, we went to made a fuss about it. We appeal to be together as we planned. But then we were told that we were not guranteed to stay together when we submit our list.
Alrite, I'm fine with this.
But looked at the list, almost all Advanced Broadcast students (exccept those who already got 6 members they are not seperated. Only those with 5) are seperated and are located individually to different places.
Again, they gave the same reason. But how is this applicable. And you tell me these people might not do it intentionally? Come on, how can this be coincidental? Huh?
Ask our seniors to explain to us. Telling us that they can't changed us or ask us to exchanged with other apartment. But hey, how to change? 1 VS 5. Who wanna change?

So, tears come into scene. Well, I guess it works a little. Ahem.. I din broke into tears though.

What to do... we reached there on saturday. We can do nothing much. Still we gotta obey and all of us went to our designated room.

A white guy help me to carry my almost 30kg lugage up till 4th floor. And guess what... Half way up, The other handle broke. So now, my lugage got no handle. After we settle everything, we went out.

Based on map, we walk around. Ask the local. We went to eat McDonalds for lunch. 99pence for ala carte. The number so small. How can u get a McD for 99cent in Malaysia. Then we went to explore here and there a bit. Buy some food for the next day and how stupid we were. We bought mineral water. Only after that we can drink from the tap. Well, hehehe... Never mind, extra water bottles.

Well, I guess, I must really stop now. For it is 4am in the morning now. And later I need to get up at 7am to get ready for class.


Jun 11, 2009


Yeah, I have been MIA in few days or a month. Anyway to cut story short, just wanna announce that I have created a new blog. Specially to crap about my life in Liverpool.