Apr 17, 2010


People tell me to let go, but my heart just tell me no,
For I'm still hoping for miracles to happen.
But hopes seems dim,
But on the other hand,
I still never stop to hope.
My mind just the core of everything, never stop replay those bad memories,
Flipping every scene just like a drama movie,
Repeat the every hurtful sentences just like a record,
The mind is just as stubborn as my character,
It just wont let me stop recall those moments.

My heart still feel the slit of words through and through,
But it never cares to close its wound,
It just let the salt come into it every now and then.
Which brings matter worst.
The heart too is just as stubborn as my mind.
Never stop to give a friend a heart of care.

With the pain torturing the heart and mind,
Tears have been rolling endlessly for months,
And now it is running out tears.
The stubbornness of the eyes is just as stubborn as the heart.

The worst is the stubbornness in myself,
For letting all these happening,
And I just let it be.
People say I just care too much,
I believe so too,
Cause I'm just to stubborn not to stop hoping for a spark of miracles to patch up the shattered relationship.
Stubbornness is all I have to hold all these for so long.
I guess, this will last longer then all of us expected.
Well, what can I say, it is all because of my Stubbornness...