Jan 30, 2009

The Day Before

On the 19th of January 2009...

As I posted earlier, I flew back to my "nest".
Through out the journey, I got no other things to do except to hold the steering wheel, right leg on the accelerator, left leg controlling clutch and break, as well as listening to songs.
Oh ya, of course eyes to watch the road and car.
Unfortunately, this pair of my eyes getting more and more stubborn.
The gap getting closer and closer.
No matter how I force my eyes to open it still dun work.
Turn the radio to the max volume. That helped a little but then later the eyes get immune to it.
I did doze off a couple times.
Slap myself also dun work.
So I call and talk to my friends.
So that's how it helps me to survive to reach my "nest" safely.

That's not it.
Reached home only, unpacked my stuff....

Here it goes...

Clean the house. Every year, this is when I'm the most hardworking in cleaning the house la. This pic of course, I took it from somewhere else. My house is very clean and tidy. Cause I got a Virgorian MUM. Hahaha....

Then, like auntie, I went to night market to buy fresh vegetables to be stock up in the fridge for prayers and open house. Don't be surprise. Many aunties rushed to buy vegetables and the night market is really packed. Although is known as night market, me and my mum reached there by 4.30pm. Under the hot sun and in the middle of the crowd, my god. I went in the market dry, came out wet (sweaty). Hahaha....

And of course, not forgetting. Friends and shopping. Jonker is my favourite place to hang out. Every weekend night, you will most probably find me there. I just love to walk around and look at things and people. Ask my Malacca's friend, which place I would usually suggest for the weekend.

Well, at last, this is the time I love the most. Reunion Dinner on the Eve of Chinese New Year. We modern a bit. Eat at restaurant. This is the restaurant we went. Meet up with my aunties, uncles and cousins. My god... So many things to catch up I suppose. But most of the time I talk crap. Hahaha. And take pictures of course. So many camera shy relatives I have. So as usual, take picture without them knowing most of the time.

See, shake hands here and there. Younger call out the older ones. That's call manners. Judging time came too at this day of eve. You will hear...
"Eh, you thin already."
"Eh, you gain weight. Please put down some weight for god sake."
"Eh, why you so fat already?"
Hahaha... But luckily no one talks bout me.... They just asked me about one thing...
"Are you going to UK? When are you going to UK?"
My answer: No comment.
Hahaha.... Act like superstar.

Here is the delicacy that we should not miss during the eve. Positive greetings should be say aloud. And as you mixed it, pull it as high as possible, but of course to certain extend. If not, nothing left for you to eat. Hahaha...Then it's time to eat!!! That's the most important thing about the Eve. Everyone sit together to eat and...

Chit-chat. "How's your son/daughter been doing?"

"How's your business?"
"I got something good to recommend to you..."
and so on...
never ending catch-up.

And also photography session. With a camera person in the event, how could this activity be left out. Yeah, these people here are my father's sister's children. Beautiful children/cousins.
And of course, lastly, beers are unavoidable. ~Cheers~
That's what we call "yam seng" session.
Yam.............................................................................. Seng.................!!!

So here's the full stop(.) of The Day Before. The Day Before Chinese New Year....

Jan 13, 2009


For the first time in my life, when I hear something funny from my friends,
I will laugh like mad as usual.
But as the happiness is shown on my facial appearance, I can't feel it in my heart.
This is such a weird feeling. Never felt this way before!

I want to be happy.
Yes, those jokes were very humorous, and I really laughed at it because it is funny.

But I do not why, deep in my heart, I felt like putting on the happy mask as I...
I felt anger!
I felt agony!
I felt sadness!
I felt disappointed!
I felt pain!
I felt cheated!
and I felt...

I have lost you!

What a weird feeling of mine tonight.
At the same time, is just like a deja vu.
Is the same feeling and same story as in my dream I had just a couple an hour before the weird feeling attack my mood and emotion of the night.

At first, I thought it was just a stupid dream that spoil my mood for awhile.
But I never expect to see the "happening" situation in reality.

Is all just too weird...
What a weird weird night!
With a weird feeling and mood!

Jan 12, 2009

Puzzle of Life

Is almost 4am in the morning. I just reached home.
Never want to keep myself in the small room of mine earlier.
Fearing the worries and fear and agony and many negative thoughts kept on haunting my mind.

So i decided to watch football with my friends at Zati Manis.
Do I love football? Yes, I do. Which team I support?
I can't tell you now for I will only decide when I watched.

Funny right! But I don't care right now what you think.

All I want this night is to get out from the room of unhappiness.
A couple of "teh-tarik" sessions actually. One after one.
When they ended...

Sitting in my small black car...
I drove back home on the empty street.
Unlike the street, my mind play with many thoughts...
Driving at 20km/h, taking a longer route, I'm arranging the pieces of puzzle of my life.
My past, present and future.

However, as I putting the pieces together, I found that many pieces are missing.
Where have they been?

The inner me is having conflict now.

Where has it gone wrong?

Why am I not whom I used to be 10 years back?
Where is my old self?
Oh... how I wish I can find it.

The one who used to be confident.
No worries of having to think how to talk to the person next to me.
Not having have to think how to please people.
Don't have to crack my mind how to make people happy.
All that, come so naturally, and done so naturally by me, once upon a time.

But how come all of whom I used to be has all gone?
Where have I left them?

Did I left it somewhere at the turning at any path of my life?

I have changed to whom I am not used to be.
Frankly, I have become worst.

All this time as I set my foot into college life as well as part time working life,
I work hard on how do I make the people around me happy.
Never want to spoil their mood.
Never want to have bad impression.
And I play it all cool.

But what is this all about!!!
I lost the pieces of me.
Which I really miss them dearly.

Tears trickle down my cheeks as these words appear on the screen of mine.
Oh... what's the used of it?

Is it ok for me to put all my sorrows to my tears?
let them trickle and fade away as the wind passed by?
Will I be okay then?

I just don't know.

Watching friends making success in their life.
Some are just about to step into the limelight, and some are already there.
As for me, I'm standing there, putting vision of me in the light.
Ideas to success are well draft, but I just do not know how to do it.


For I see all the roads are full of barricades.
Very strong barricades indeed.

Searching for strength and tools to break it.
But they are never found.
For they are not there in me.
Is this right? Is it fated?

Watching my friends one by one easily break themselves through the barricades.
Why can't I do that too?!!!!
What's wrong with me?
Oh my!
This is not the time to mourn over my sorrows.
Is time for me to start search harder for the missing pieces of me.

I need to complete the puzzle as soon as possible.
I need to stand strong!
I must succeed in my life.
I want to make my loved ones proud of me.
For I owe them too much.

For I want them to feel, they are not raising a "trash".

And most importantly, I want to prove to those who has looked down on me, once!

The missing pieces of puzzle of me and my life, is soon to be complete by me!
Yes! I can do it!

I want the tears of my sorrows today turn to tears of happiness one day!
Not only it will run down the cheeks of mine but also the people who care and love me!
The Puzzle of Life = Sorrow + Success + Failure + Happiness = Human

Jan 4, 2009

Studio V Launching

It's 2/1/09 when I received the invitation through my email.

Dear ABC2 students,
Greetings! Happy New Year to all of you.

I would like to invite you for a facility visit to Studio-V at One Utama, to give you a better idea how a radio station like StarRfm branch out from traditional radio airwaves to meet their listeners in shopping mall, by conducting live broadcast from a flagship studio (transparent glass, witness LIVE broadcast!).

Date: 3rd January 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 11.00am (pls arrive at 10.45am)
Venue: Studio-V @ One Utama (1U Rainforest section)
PIC (Stu visit): Mr. Edmund Lai

(part of the email from Ms Lim)

So below here is the video reported in The Star online news. For those ABC2 students who din attend the event, this is basically what is all about. You'll find me and Khai Yeat in the news.

As many of you know, I won't leave my house without my compact camera, especially to an event. So, I left my house at 9.30am to settle a couple of things that I need to do before the event. (TBR printing shop & car workshop). Then, roughly around, 10.20am, I set off to the destination with Khai Yeat and Hui Hsien (thanks for fetching me). Lucky enough for us, there was no traffic jam. So we reached there around 10.50am.

Right after we reached the location where we should meet up with Ms Lim, as usual registration need to be done.

Registration Counter

The registration counter.

Next, three of us and few other Tarcians wait by the side for the VIPs to arrive. Without them, there will be no launching. Hahaha...

While we were waiting, drums, plastic bottles, cans, pails, cane, wok, and many other instruments, can be heard. They were used to create a nice rhythm to welcome the public to the event. The Drum Circle performance was performed by The Star Brats. Later, me and Hui Hsien were recruit to be part of them. Was so blur when they asked me to join in. No idea of their rhythm and tempo. So, I slowly learned and get it. Phew! Luckily I got it before the VIPs arrived. Hence, both of us joined them to welcome the VIPS Datuk Teo (1U Director) and Datin Linda (The Star Publications Group Managing Director/CEO).

(taken from The Star online publication : Sunday January 4, 2009)

Here is the host of the day for this event

Host of The Day

Wears in red, she brings the VIPs for a tour around the studio.

I managed to slip myself in between the crowd to get closer to snap some photos. Hahaha... Being short, one of the crew, I think, allowed me to move to the front. Thanks to him.
Many photographers hold their DSLR. But I only hold a compact camera. What a "shy case", some of you will say. That is what I used to say. But now, I'm thinking, so what? Compact is still a camera. Cameras are used to capture the moments. So here are some of the pictures of the VIPs during the VIP Studio V Tour.

Here is a closer looked at both Datuk Teo and Datin Linda

The VIPs on Cam

In this studio, the VIPs were shown to some clips, such as the pre recorded video on the ealier session of RED fm broadcast, news, and most importantly, Studio V crews self made CNY MTV. This is why the VIPs were having a good laugh in there. Well, I myself who watched it too can stop laughing too.

VIPS laughing

VIPs having a good laugh over the MTV

This whole event is not only about the lauching of this studio, but also, The Star is looking for new talents to be part of them. They are looking for new faces for their Newscaster. So, those who are interested, don't feel shy to go and try it out. I've tried. But of course, the audition started of with Datin Linda. She was the first person to do the tryout.


Datin Teo's try out

Here is how it looks like behind the scene before a news goes on air. For readers who don't know or not exposed to this field, here is a rough picture how it looks like behind the scene.

Bahind the scene @ Studio V

Behind the scene

Studio V is not about video, but also radio. Red fm, 988 fm, and Suria fm, are the stations that will used this studio to air their programs. Well, corpetations needed from these three stations. There is only one studio for radio. So, only selected program from each station for certain time slot will used this place. Crossover too can be done from here from their main studio. That was done by Red fm earlier. When there are any celebrities interview sessions, they will be held here. And most importantly, fans or any listeners in the shopping mall can stop by to join in the interview session. This is the main purpose of the studio here. They want to get more closer to the listeners.

DJ Tryout

One of the staff tryout to be DJ (apology for not knowing the name and designation)

Well, enough of the VIPs, so now we move on to the most interesting part. The first floor of the studio. This is what they labelled it as the "Interactive Room". When I followed the VIPs to the section, I was amazed with the whole setting. Why? These pics will tell you why.


Interaction between public and broadcaster. The background is where public can create their own album.

Questions? Album? Yeah! That's right. Those who loves to sing, and have a dream to make their own album, you can do it here, in the spherical cubic. However, yesterday, we were told they were not complete just yet. Yeah! Is "they". There are two sets of it. Next, they have Wii and Play Station. Do I hear "WOW" from you? Not only that they do have computers ready for public to browse through the online news.

Play Wii

A staff assisting a girl with the function of Wii


Two boys were having fun with the PS.

Yesterday, in the interactive room, it was not tatally about playing game. But also you can win some vouchers by winning the game in either Wii or PS. See... Have fun and win something. Me, Hui Hsien, and Khai Yet, won some :)

Curiorsity on which job that suits you, they have the career advisor from StarJob search staff to help us out. I've done mine. And it turns out to be adventurous. Am I? Yeah. Followed close by creating and investigating. Looks like I'm in the right field now.


Which is yours?

So many things what other people do. So now, is our TARCIANs moment. First come to first, we sat near the stage and enjoy the activities organised by the three radio stations' crews and DJs. We won ourselves some vouchers fron Starbucks, Jusco, and Home of Hormony.


988 FM crews giving out vouchers by asking selected audience to sing, dance, and eat mini mandarin oranges (this is where me and Hui Hsien won some vouchers here).

Here is the Suria.fm DJs. In between we did win some prize from Red.fm too. During the Red.fm session, we were asked to guess the characters from movies y listening to the audio clips. However, when it reached the Suria.fm session, we have to leave to second session of our day of the event.


Suria. fm crews

And secondly, we have tour around the studio. Is my second tour, actually. Hehehe... But this second tour gave me a clearer picture. Cause we have tour guides and the crews to explain to us personally.

Red.fm DJ

Red.fm DJ and two tour guides explain to us the details

The Star (Big Screen)

The Big Screen for public to browse through the daily newspapers. Hand movement detection technology is used to flip the newspapers.

During the tour in the studio, we got the chance to try be a newscaster. Only me and Khai Yeat got the chance to try it out. It was fun. The crews there did point out where we have gone wrong, and why is our reading fast and how to imporve it. Well, a bunch of thanks to all of them. we really had learned a lot through this tour.

TARC Student's Tryout

Khai Yeat on audition while others looked on.

Behind The Scene

So, that is basically what we have. Of course we did tour to the Interactive Room. That's where we end our tour. Hope that I din miss anything out.


Jan 2, 2009

The Beginning!

Happy New Year
Originally uploaded by Crazy G.A.Y
Now we have to close a 365 days life story of 2008.
Here is the beginning of the new chapter of everyone's life.
All of us gonna go through another new 365 days this year.
My wishes for all my readers are simple...

F.U.N + THE B.E.S.T + G.A.Y = 2009

HaPpY nEw YeAr, everyone!