Jan 2, 2009

The Beginning!

Happy New Year
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Now we have to close a 365 days life story of 2008.
Here is the beginning of the new chapter of everyone's life.
All of us gonna go through another new 365 days this year.
My wishes for all my readers are simple...

F.U.N + THE B.E.S.T + G.A.Y = 2009

HaPpY nEw YeAr, everyone!


sLyM said...

i really wish i could say the same for myself. sometimes i wish i could erase certain memories..... memories that kill me when i think of them

G.A.Y said...

sLyM: thanks for stepping in :)
Well, if you have read my previous entry(Stop and Stare and Sorry), as I said, how you gonna drive you way of life, is all up to you. One thing for sure is you can always have my ears to listen to your sorrows. But as I always tell you, decision is in your hand. The choice is yours. I'm only a person who stand by you, and telling you other options.
But aqs a fren of yours, hope you'll have a great life and most importantly happy life. Sometimes, there are things that you have to let go and move on.

Cheers my fren!
Happy New Year!
p/s: You know where to find my ears when you need it, rite?

weisin said...

eh~I spotted someone I know in ur picture!
The one showing the Wii thing is actually my friend oh~
what a coincident!