Jan 30, 2009

The Day Before

On the 19th of January 2009...

As I posted earlier, I flew back to my "nest".
Through out the journey, I got no other things to do except to hold the steering wheel, right leg on the accelerator, left leg controlling clutch and break, as well as listening to songs.
Oh ya, of course eyes to watch the road and car.
Unfortunately, this pair of my eyes getting more and more stubborn.
The gap getting closer and closer.
No matter how I force my eyes to open it still dun work.
Turn the radio to the max volume. That helped a little but then later the eyes get immune to it.
I did doze off a couple times.
Slap myself also dun work.
So I call and talk to my friends.
So that's how it helps me to survive to reach my "nest" safely.

That's not it.
Reached home only, unpacked my stuff....

Here it goes...

Clean the house. Every year, this is when I'm the most hardworking in cleaning the house la. This pic of course, I took it from somewhere else. My house is very clean and tidy. Cause I got a Virgorian MUM. Hahaha....

Then, like auntie, I went to night market to buy fresh vegetables to be stock up in the fridge for prayers and open house. Don't be surprise. Many aunties rushed to buy vegetables and the night market is really packed. Although is known as night market, me and my mum reached there by 4.30pm. Under the hot sun and in the middle of the crowd, my god. I went in the market dry, came out wet (sweaty). Hahaha....

And of course, not forgetting. Friends and shopping. Jonker is my favourite place to hang out. Every weekend night, you will most probably find me there. I just love to walk around and look at things and people. Ask my Malacca's friend, which place I would usually suggest for the weekend.

Well, at last, this is the time I love the most. Reunion Dinner on the Eve of Chinese New Year. We modern a bit. Eat at restaurant. This is the restaurant we went. Meet up with my aunties, uncles and cousins. My god... So many things to catch up I suppose. But most of the time I talk crap. Hahaha. And take pictures of course. So many camera shy relatives I have. So as usual, take picture without them knowing most of the time.

See, shake hands here and there. Younger call out the older ones. That's call manners. Judging time came too at this day of eve. You will hear...
"Eh, you thin already."
"Eh, you gain weight. Please put down some weight for god sake."
"Eh, why you so fat already?"
Hahaha... But luckily no one talks bout me.... They just asked me about one thing...
"Are you going to UK? When are you going to UK?"
My answer: No comment.
Hahaha.... Act like superstar.

Here is the delicacy that we should not miss during the eve. Positive greetings should be say aloud. And as you mixed it, pull it as high as possible, but of course to certain extend. If not, nothing left for you to eat. Hahaha...Then it's time to eat!!! That's the most important thing about the Eve. Everyone sit together to eat and...

Chit-chat. "How's your son/daughter been doing?"

"How's your business?"
"I got something good to recommend to you..."
and so on...
never ending catch-up.

And also photography session. With a camera person in the event, how could this activity be left out. Yeah, these people here are my father's sister's children. Beautiful children/cousins.
And of course, lastly, beers are unavoidable. ~Cheers~
That's what we call "yam seng" session.
Yam.............................................................................. Seng.................!!!

So here's the full stop(.) of The Day Before. The Day Before Chinese New Year....


jiateng said...

yee sang~ my favourite!!!
haha,the messy store room is not my house,allow me to clarify it...
although you didnt say it is....

sLyM said...

i spy something familiar at jonker... *sweat*