Jan 13, 2009


For the first time in my life, when I hear something funny from my friends,
I will laugh like mad as usual.
But as the happiness is shown on my facial appearance, I can't feel it in my heart.
This is such a weird feeling. Never felt this way before!

I want to be happy.
Yes, those jokes were very humorous, and I really laughed at it because it is funny.

But I do not why, deep in my heart, I felt like putting on the happy mask as I...
I felt anger!
I felt agony!
I felt sadness!
I felt disappointed!
I felt pain!
I felt cheated!
and I felt...

I have lost you!

What a weird feeling of mine tonight.
At the same time, is just like a deja vu.
Is the same feeling and same story as in my dream I had just a couple an hour before the weird feeling attack my mood and emotion of the night.

At first, I thought it was just a stupid dream that spoil my mood for awhile.
But I never expect to see the "happening" situation in reality.

Is all just too weird...
What a weird weird night!
With a weird feeling and mood!


sLyM said...

has the dream really come true??

G.A.Y said...

yes, slym!

Hahaha! It happened right after i text u the last message!