May 30, 2010

Sour Milk

The grey clouds starts to move in.
The stars and moon shine behind it, is nevertheless as usual hidden.
The hopes for the rain to fall is undeniably the wish of everyone.
With the temperature that keep on rising due to our own cause,
Makes us hope for miracle to happen which can cool down our mother earth.
But we know it will never happen.
Our gaze for this miracle is just a false hope that we put for ourselves where all of us are foolishly lying to ourselves.
Cause we know it will never stop rising and affect many parts of every living creature on this land we once call it beautiful.
Why do we hope for impossible miracle?
We know we need to do something about it.
But do you really care.
Stop putting up posters to tell us save the mother nature.
Stop giving flyer to passer-by in shopping centre to save the endangered animals.
Stop printing on shirts to create awareness to save the earth.
Cause all of us take it as a mask to show that we care.
But down deep in us, we know better.
We just join it for fun and we are just N. A. T. O .
Don't believe? Let me ask you;

Do you really make and effort to recycle other than stacking those old and used papers?
For these question, yes there are but only a handful. Even if there are recycle bins stating the items with the cute pictures there, there are still people who don't seem to care about it. They just close their eyes and throw it I guess, or, worst still, there are three (3) bins in a row. Don't tell me you are not aware it is a recycle bin and don't tell me you don't understand the words. Sorry to say but I don't mean to discriminate, if you don't know how to read, there are pictures to show you which bin for which material of rubbish. Unless you're blind. But if you can see, then you can see but you're blind. How ridiculous it is.

What's the purpose of you keeping all the newspapers and stack it nicely at one corner?
How many are willing to make an effort to keep all these papers if not for the sake of money. You don't have to tell me. Keep to yourself. You know it better. Everyday, we spend minimal RM 1.20 for many pieces of papers. If not because of the "OLD NEWSPAPERS" system, I believe, our society will treat it as a junk and just dump it into the anything-bins. So, thank for the existence of this system. Without it, the dooms day might be nearer than we have now.

By these two sample, we can see how much effort our society has put it into in make this earth a better living place. Sometimes, we will think;

Ceh, if I'm the only one doing it, it makes not much difference. So why must I bother.

You might be laughing reading this statement. But because of how this society has been brought up, the money that we put into in saving the earth comes to a NULL EFFORT. It is just like chucking the money into the bin. Or sea. NO!!! Worst than that. Chucking into bin or sea, still we can make someone's life better. Well, maybe I shall say, CHUCK it into FIRE, which is right to the situation right not. Effort does not come to nothing only but make matters worst. (FIRE-Pollution-HOT). Why you ask? Don't we used a lot of papers to do proposal, bunting, post ad on newspapers, posters and bla bla bla... you name it.

As I post this, I myself is a sample of the human creature that NATO about saving the earth. (But I know and which item to goes to in recycle bin).
So it keeps me wonder, when will we really go out and make a real effort to make this earth a better world to live in?
Or maybe this day will not come.
We will then regret it when the disasters attack and take the live of our love ones.
Maybe by that time, there is not turning back.
It will be the day,