Feb 1, 2009

Rewind: November 2008 (Sony VAIO Launch)

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Batman Eyes

Kaki DE

What you are about to view in this post is the Rewind of Year 2008 event. Here you will see few of my friends and I that I met in that year having fun at the place we left our mark of memory there.

It is the VAIO Offical Launch@ Sunway Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon on 29th November 2008. How do I get involved with this event? Well, thanks to Bryan. He is the one who told me about it and I registered to participate in it. Then, I also ask Szetoo and TC to come along. Then, we found out that KJ, Nic, Eddy, Jannah and Khalil came along too. KJ is actually the one who post it on the forum but I didn't go and check it out. Whatever it is, it was a great event. No regrets!

And this photo, I took when me and Szetoo were waiting for the others to arrive. It was kind of hot and sunny that day. That's how I got this photo. We waited to the security guards to allowed us to pass as well as to wait for the others to arrive.

What all of us looked forward too on that day was the treasure hunt activity. The are many other activities but too bad, if we participate treasure hunt, others all clash with the time. So all of us join the hunt only. It is know as the "VAIO HUNT". One group consist of 5. Let me introduce my group members.

VAIO Trasure Hunt V001

Team A: Apabila




Wong KJ

Nic Chan
Nic Chan
Me in Vaio Hunt
and Me

Sorry, TC...

At first a team can be made up of 6 people. However, when we reached there, they have changed it to 5. We have begged them to put us as 6 but they reject our request. Sorry, TC. It didn't went well as we planned.

face painting

Fiery VAIO
Face painting

Before we start the hunt, all of us got our face painted. There are some choices that we can choose. I made two. One flora and the other fire. Hmm... Actually this is the first time I get my face painted. Shy to admit but that's the fact.

The Task
The tasks

Here are the tasks we need to complete. There are 10 tasks for 1 hour. The first task we did was to kiss the yellow snake. The we need to do a lot of task which we need to go on many crazy rides. Some turn us upside down. Another one good experience is that we need to do rain dance like a Red Indian. It really work! Cause the next thing we know was that we were splashed with water from somewhere and sprayed with water hose. All these games are fun but very tiring. We have to run bare footed. At the end of the game, my feet got some cuts. But that's okay cause I have a lot of fun.

Right after the Hunt, the first thing that we did was to get ourselves splash with water. Erm.. Except for me cause I'm the one taking pictures.

Splash Under One Roof


Bryan The HippoJan-Sze

TCNic Chan

From left: Bryan, Szetoo, Nic, TC

It's Just My Another Jump

Yo, Rock! The Incredible Hulk

Jannah, Nic, Szetoo, and Me

Over X

Under the sun


Jump everyone, JUMP!

Photog Szetoo

Next, when almost sunset, the search for VAIO HUNK & BABE competition started. Khalil, Jannah, and KJ participated in the competition. As usual, KJ won the people heart with his skills in yo-yo. So he is the HUNK!




The judges.

Here are some other photo's I took randomly of other people that I never know them.


The kids.

Sunway Night

Night view of Sunway Surf Beach.

Kids in water.

So, these are basically what we did in the event. There are a lot of pictures and videos but I guess that's enough for today.


29 NOVEMBER 2008