Oct 22, 2008


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Tick tock, tick tock, looking at the clock. Wow, it's late. Being busy snapping here and there in my town during the day, I don't even have the time to stop to breath.

That's where suddenly my cutetest friend text me:
"What's the plan for tonight?"

Starring at my mobile screen, that's when only I recall I was suppose to come out with a plan. As usual, what most of you and I do, I replied:
"No worries! I already have a plan."

Yeah, I lied but not totally. Cause I have the rough idea earlier (few days back) but I just did not build up the process.

An hour more before the dateline (meeting my friends), I'm still doing some shopping with my mum and sis.

30 minutes left... That's the only time left. I just reached home. That's the only time for my brain to start cracking and build the plan of the night, to bath, to recharge my best friend (my camera), and to fill up my empty tummy! Sounds like time bomb doesn't it.

10 minutes before it ends, finally the plan complete. Phew... and


Happily I told my friend the plan but then, as usual, nothing goes smoothly. There will be ,most of the time, there must be something that comes up to block your plan.

"What if she is going out with her boyfriend."
This is the sentence that gives me a big headache. Argh...!

How can I find out from the victim by not revealing the plan or even leak it or even give her the chance to smell the fishy plan. Oh no!!

Hmm... That very moment, I have to open up my "memory lane" of stories that I can used to assist me to dig out the answer from our victim. Nope! Nothing that I can use. That's where I've to create creative story to "hook" her to find out the answer.

The story telling session has just started and..

Ding dong... Time's up!!!!

Time to get into the car and off we go, telling people in the car the plan and yeah I ask the driver to make an U-turn back to my house (forget my camera)

Next we went to get the No 1 item and along the way I was still texting the "happenning story" to the victim.

Show one good sign: She's not going out with her boyfriend that night.

Comes another bad sign: She's having exam the next day. WHAT?! Exam on Sunday Morning! How unlucky!

I have to work harder then... Have to attract her attention for another four hours as well as not to distract her too much. Not an easy job aye..

Four more hours:

look for parking spot (it's a Saturday nite! Hard to find parking in the town!)

2 hours:
watch movie (The Flying of The Living Dead- sound horror and it suppose to be, but we were having a good laugh in the cinema)

1 hr 15mins:
well.... start our journey to our victim's house but it was kinda early... So hang out at a nearby Mamak for supper!

11:15pm our victim send me:
"Update me your story next time la. I'm sleepy ad. Going to sleep soon"

Oh no!!!! I have to make her stay awake. Another 45mins... Argh...
What to do... try to feed her with more climax, and ask her more questions to keep her awake!

But I can no longer hold her attention. 15mins more before the time I called her.

"Hey gal. I'm now outside your house. Can you come out please."

"Huh? Aiyo, why? Wanna sleep ad."

"Dun care. You have to come out now! we are outside your house now."

All of us shout out her name outside her house.

As she step out the house, here comes the "melody" of Happy Birthday!

2? candles on 2? Rum Balls (No 1 item)
(not suppose to reveal the age without permission. Lady's biggest secret!)

Yeah! With her sleepy eyes, and blur face, she made a wish and blew the candles of course there's photography session. But everything we make it in fast pace. What to do! She got exam on SUNDAY MORNING!

However, as the planner, I kena cubit "kau-kau" from her la... For creating the stories which is full of lies. Cause she buy my story! But I just wanna say:

"Hey SLYM, if you read this, just wanna let you know that I have to do it cause, that's the only way to make my plan work. And that's the only way to surprise you!"

What was the "happening stories" that I told her?
That is also a big secret between the two of us!
That's my birthday gift to her!
Never know why. The idea of starting with a blog comes into my mind. Suddenly I just feel like this is a way for me to share something with my friend. Just hope whoever read it will enjoy it.