Dec 27, 2008

I'm Sorry

Watching Bollywood movie after pampering myself with McD,
then suddenly, a feeling comes in...
feeling down,
feeling sad.
I feel my life so empty now.

Messages and phone calls come in everyday.
"Ni zai na li, nue ren?"
(Where are you?)

"Wo zai jia lo"
(I'm home.)

"Na li de jia?"
(Which home?)

"KL lo"

"Wah, bian chen KL ren le la?"
(Wah, become KL people already...)

The last sentence is what i used to say to my friends months back.
But look at me now. Where am I?

Sitting in the small room.
Putting myself in a corner, in the city of KL, high up in the air.
Disconnecting myself most of the time from people whom I missed.
Which I never wish I treat you all this way.

I'm Sorry.

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