Dec 19, 2008


Just end a chat with my fren on MSN. We've talked on many many things till it comes to a topic where we talked about our classmates.
Aha! Most of you when you see this sentence only, then all of you will start to wonder what are the bad things that we gossip about.
Hello~~~ you all thought you all really got so many things for us to gossip?

So, this is where I make a comparison of myself to those we have talked about. However, names won't be revealed. Let's see how percise I describe on that people we have been talking about.

First of all, a GUY. He is a person where I always think he should be in the political field. The way he talks is so critical sometimes (especially political), which I find it damn boring. Not to say that I don't discuss about political stuff. I do! In fact, sometimes I just loves to talk about it. I used to read newspaper like an old man. Read from A to Z. That was since primary to secondary school era. Then by the time I come to college, I totally get myself disconnected from the newspaper or from any news source. Then slowly, the "old man" in me just fade away. Now, I feel that I'm so damn empty in my General Knowledge Dictionary. And also the disease of "I DUN CARE" spread in me. So whenever he talks to me, I just shut my lips. Not that I dun dare to say anything. Is just that I got nothing to say. Laziness haunt me now. How? I feel so small... But not till the next few minutes when he does his talking. Cause after that, that's where his soft news / sensational news, come into the conversation. And not to mention, sometimes, his super duper blurness. However, I still dare not stand stronger than him. Put myself at one corner of the world. This is how timid I can go...

Sounds like we talked a lot of people, but this is the second and the last. This time, is a LADY, I shall call her. Cause her appearance makes her a lady, though almost of the time she said herself very "cho lo" (hokkien). Well, is a NO NO for me. For I'm more "cho lo" than her. However, never ever look down at her, for she has a very strong personalities which I admire. Walking beside her, I can never walk tall. I will make myself invinsible almost most of the time. Feeling small with myself. As I told my fren during the chatting session; if she moves one step, I need to make 10 steps to reach where she is with the one step she makes. I dunno but her character is just rare to find. In my life, so many people walk in and out of my life. I only found 2 with this character. The first has been very successful in her life, in career wise and of course others. Is she a happy person? Yes, she is. Cause she got an individual who puts on clown mask to be by her side. And that person who wears the clown mask is very timid. Never brave enough to stand taller. This is what happens whenever I'm with this Second friend (my classmate) I meet here. For she is smart in every way I think that makes her stand tall above the rest of the ladies I know. But not taller than the First. But she can make it one day to where the First make. And even better. That's what I believe. Way to go girl!

Aha! Why only these two we discussed? Cause my friend said is time for her to walked into her dreamland. As for me, I'm walked back into my war which will only end another week.

Have a merry merry Christmas everyone!

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