Nov 15, 2008

Yesterday & Today

I'm so slow....
Damn slow....
Now ad week 6, going to Week 7 of this final semester.
Sigh... From the beginning I'm really in no mood and interest to do a thesis.

Thanks to Szetoo Weiwen!
Encouraging me to do it!

Thanks a lot, my fren...

Hmm.... back to the story then...
I was just too tired on Thursday! Eyes were so heavy although the night is still so young.
Then I decided to take a "nap". Supposing I wanted to sleep for 30mins but...
Yeah... I slept for an extra 2hours. Now, when I woke up is already past midnight.

Oh no...
Slowly I force myself to climb out of my cozy bed. Washed my face and drown myself among those thick books. Hmm... Read not even one chapter, or probably half the page of the first book, I lost my concentration. I really can't concentrate on reading whenever the content doesn't interest me. I'll browse over,, and so on... do a lot of things but none of it related to my thesis.
In my mind....
"Ai Yin!!! What are you doing?! You must do your thesis."
Well that works...
Quickly I force myself to "thesis mode".
But then, again. I lost my concentration easily.
Dilly dally dilly dally...
The whole night I din sleep.
Erm.. got la... 2hrs. Then I've to get ready for class d...
Afternoon, I went to PJ to collect my pay.
Then at evening, I went to work.
By the time I come home (at last), it's already past midnight. Then, only I ate my dinner.
Why so late?
Cause during the daytime my tummy sick. That's why...
Why work so hard?
$$ Vitamin-M $$
I ate and online at the same time. Browse through my my email and FB. Chit chat and and watched Crayon Shin Chan.
Not that I'm aware of. I dun know when and how, I slept.

What I know is when I opened my eyes, with my hands is on the keyboard (no kidding. In typing position some more)
I only know that around 2.30am, I was still online.
Well, the next morning...
I woke up at 10.30am. Then, I went to my aunty's house.
What I do there?
I get all my trousers washed.
I brought the thick books there and also my camera, of course!
Thought can read there. But as usual. I'M NOT IN THE MOOD!!!!
So I play around with my cousins.
And with camera.

My little cousin used my compact camera (Kodak M860). I used the camera loan from Sony (A300).
And I discovered something...

These are some of the photos she took. She's 6... what was I doing when I was six? I dunno. One thing for sure, I dun play with camera. I din teach her at all. She take whatever she likes. These are only few of what she took.

And here are some of mine.

Here you go.... 14+15 = F.U.N + T.I.R.E.D


Lace said...

Aww she's really cuteee :)

jiateng said...

Nice picture wei....
aiyin you become pro liao....haha...congrats!!!

G.A.Y said...

Lace: yeah, she is cute. Children are always cute. hahaha :)
Thanks for visiting :)

Jia Teng: hmm... Don't call me pro. For I am not pro. I'm just beginner. anyway thanks for your compliment.

Thanks to Jiateng and Lace for the comments.