Nov 3, 2008

Here I Am Again!

What a day!
Went back to Malacca yesterday!
Not even 24hours i spend my time with my family. I've to rush back to KL.
For one stupid reason; attend the so called "SEMINAR" which was made compulsory.

Slept not even 2 hours the night in Malacca, I've to force my damn sleepy eyes to open to get ready for KL. But luckily, in the 2 hours journey back to KL I managed to sleep another 90mins.
That also when i reached Pudu station, I've to force my eyes to open and my butt to get out of the "couch". So. I'm the last person to get out of the bus!

So, after getting down from the bus, i loook at my watch, well I think I can make it on time to there. Hmm, but as I walk to the Pasar Seni station which was 15-20mins journey I think, i was thinking whether to drive to DKAB? or take a cab.

As I was thinking, there were couple of things happened along the journey.

An old uncle met an accident. I'm not quite sure what happend to him but he was sitting on the border of the roadside. There were some men stood around him. I managed to take a glance to see whether there is any serious injury. But thank god, just a minor one. Some skin peels off from the left ankle. Many people usually try to not to look at accidents location, but I'm different. I wanna know. This is what we called busybody... But I'm busy

Next, suddenly a guy on a bike approach me. Carrying two (2) precious things at that time makes me extra alert. Hold tight my sling bag and look at him. Moreover, I was walking by the main road. And you people also know la... Snatch thief thing can happen anytime... Somemore in this busy city.

"Xiao jie, ching wen na ge ..... xue xiao, ni dong zai na li ma?"
"Har? Se mo xue xiao ah?"
"... xue xiao"
"Sorry ah... wo bu zi dao."
wahahaha... he approached the wrong person ad...
I'm KL Newbie... how will I know...
And actually, I also dun know what's the school name he was telling. Can't hear it properly.
Sounds like "xiao xue xiao" (crazy school)
Hmm.. it sounds so wrong... I guess, I just din hear it properly la...
But luckily nothing happens... But, he "pun satu". Suddenly break his bike beside me and ask me route. Make me "terkejut" also... Moreover, there were so many things playing in my mind at that time. Sigh... Anyway, thank god ntohing happened la. He just sped off after saying thank you!

Being very tired for these couple of days, since the Canon Asia Photography Marathon, this is the first time i make my decision to sit in the LRT. Cause usually if I'm alone, I'll prefer to stand.
Dun ask me why, that habit is born natural.
I sit and doze off a while.
By the time i reached Wangsa Maju LRT station, it's already 0945hours. Hmm, at last i made up my mind to rush back to my condo parking lot to take my car. It's a 5-10mins walk. Another walk.. Haiz... But have to lo.. Cause if not I've to take cab.
Is ok to take cab actually, but at that time, my purse contained a note of 50. Some taxi drive will make a lot of fuss us you pay them in such a big note. If the taxi driver good, never mind, he'll said, u give what small amount of money you have with you to him. But if a bad one, they'll ask you to seek for the small amount of money to pay him. He dun care if you rob or beg or change with someone.
That's why I take my car la... Already have to rush back from Malacca, I dun wanna get scolding for one stupid thing. That's why...

Wah, the weather was so sunny... Wearing my white hooded jacket from Malacca, I've got no time even to stop to take it out. I LRT, I forget about it cause it's air-conditioned, what...
So, can you imagine I walked back to my condo, under the hot sun and the jacket wrap my body?
I feel like I'm in oven, but I try not to think about it at that time. Cause I'm RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!

When i get my car, I checked my cellphone. Still not news on where is the "SEMINAR".
So I decided to call JC our course as well as class rep.

"Hello JC ah... Where is the seminar going to be held?"
"Where are you now?"
"I'm now back in Wangsa. Just reached."
"Erm... I'm sorry to tell you, I've got a bad news. The office made a mistake on the date. The "SEMINAR" is next week. Not this week."

Oh... there it goes..... That's how my 031108 starts in KL....


jiateng said...

wow....what an interesting morning you had....

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kesian you...

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kelakarla u...
Saya dah link awak tau!
"Keluarga D.E Saya"