Nov 22, 2008


Another Saturday has passed....
I spent my whole day in my room.
Recall back everything that I had enjoyed for the whole week.
And bring them back to dream as I doze off for most of the time.
Brought those happening stuff into it and enjoy it.
That's what most people enjoyed when their eyes are closed.
But, however, there are things that I recalled and I just can't ignored them.
Things that keep me awake before another doze.
Things that I wished I can help.
But I just dunno how.
I was stunt
I was speechless.
I just dunno what to do.
And I am still the same now.
Though I looked GAY.

Activities come in and out of my life this week.
I spend time with my large group of friends.
Yeah... That was the fun part.
But when midnight comes...
"They" come to haunt me.
Those sad stuff and things that I worry about haunt me back.
I just wished that I could blocked it.
But there is not point of it.
It will still haunt me no matter what.
Is either I solve it or it will haunt me for the rest of my life.
That's G.A.Y's World of Life.

However, the truth is...
I don't care much about that.
I do not care much what was torturing and haunting ON me.
I do not care what are the things that I'll need to face if I neglect it.
This is G.A.Y!

What I care most are those people around me.
And most importantly, I care about those whom I call them my friend.
That's me.
This is GAY.

Whenever I see tear drops in their heart,
I fell the pain.
Whenever I see it,
I'll always pray;
How I wish I could help them bear the pain and suffering?
How can I help them to ease their pain?
How can I make things to cheer them up?
But at the same time, I know the fact that I can't do all that.
That's what I hate most of the time about me.
Cause I just do not know how!
I just don't know how to put them back in GAY mood.

Oh, now I can only hope that they will be given the strength to bare all those things.
And hope that they will recover soon by finding the way out.

As I'm sitting on my bed typing this stuff out, I know some of my friends, not one, but few of them is struggling with the sadness, worries and problems. But what do I do?


G.A.Y does nothing at all.
Yes! This is GAY who don't know how to make people GAY!
How bad this G.A.Y is!

How can G.A.Y be GAY when they are not GAY!
G.A.Y is your useless friend!
And I admit it.

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