Nov 9, 2009

White Lies

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since the last time I touch my blog.
Well, I wasn't in the mood to blog at that time and I was lazy too.
Another thing is, I was caught on the conviction of telling WHITE LIES.
Sometimes, it is real hard to be ones friend. Words are the most powerful weapon.
Words look blunt, don't they?
BUT words can be as shard as knife.
It can really leave a deep scar and it can really hurt one's heart.

People say true friends are the one who really hurt you.
What are true friends to me then? To me honesty is priority.
But, after going through much, being honest with your friend doesn't come to any good.
It makes matter worst sometimes.
And bcause of honesty, trust is taken off.
Losing a trust of a true friend to me is equivalent to 'total lost' of a friend.
So. can we really hurt a true friend then?

Hence, of course, white lies is what is needed to save it.
But, have you thought about it?
What if the true friend that involved caught you telling lies.
All he/she knows is that you are not being honest as you should be.
They don't even give a damn what's the reason behind the creation of white lies.
At this point, explanation comes to nothing.
Because of white lies (which is suppose to be good) cause a havoc in the relation.

What I am saying here, doesn't only apply in friendship. It is in every relationship.
Love, family, brothers and sisters, boss and you, and etc...
Hence, sometimes because of white lies, it can make you look like a bad person.
But is it really that way?
Allah, Jesus, Buddha, every prophets, every religion in the world teach us not to tell lies aren't they?
Lies are bad, they say.
But there is one thing I know. Buddhism thought me that if they lie if for good purpose, then you can tell one.
However, still, although to you is a good purpose, can the other sees it?

So how good can a white lies be?
White Lies might only be good if one understands why you are saying it.
But how many can understand the White Lies?
How many are willing to accept the White Lies?
Can you accept one?
A White Lies.


NicChan / Rei said...

I rather keep quiet than telling lies =P

G.A.Y said...

Not everytime u can just keep quiet... what if they pester u to talk le? dun talk, later they think negative also.... jadi manusia, susah. Jadi orang baik lagi susah... hehe