Nov 11, 2009

$$$Money Not Enough$$$

Age: 0-12 years old
Worry: Mummy & Dady don't love you.
Price for that: Positive Infinity (money not a problem)

Age: 13-17 years old
Worry: How to look more mature & How to tackle opposite sex
Price for that: Buy facial products, nice clothes, ask Daddy Mummy to buy handphone (not to call Daddy Mummy, call friends and BF/GF. So good, parents pay for u to date.) (money still enough)

Age: 18- 24 years old (still studying and rent a room)
Worry: Beauty, Attraction, Cetificate, Assignments, Social, Independence (No more Mummy Daddy to stay with u, ji gei chap sang).
Price for that: Beauty products, public transport, worst still sendiri drive - Petronas, Shell, BP, etc.., Green Box, Luna Bar, clothes, phone credit, dating, "Chap Fan", Coke, groceries, Genting, kai-kai, photocopy, things for assignments, house rental, utilities bill, "beat chicken" and etc. (money very tight)

Age: 25-30 years old (kerja and dating, pre-proposal of "kit fan")
Worry: post grad- find job, salary, and all the above; found job- wanna buy car, buy house, saving; stabil- mau :sign long-term agreement a.k.a kahwin.
Price for that: "mou ngan tai a.k.a no eyes see. too many digits and zerosssss.
(Donald Trump Song: money, money, money, MONEY!)

Age: 31- 60 years old (family and work)
Worry: Anak macam siapa, anak= evil or angel, work stress, family stress, money tight, susu tepung, diapers, ekonomi meleset, anak sakit, anak mau belajar, telinga anak mula tebal, family finance, family matter, banyak matter.
Price to pay: Pay with UBAN. Uncountable. that's why when old ad rambut all pun putih.
(Where to get more money)

Age: 61 until you say bye bye
Worry: Money not enough till the day you say SAYONARA, anak tak mau u, buka akaun for "hari no more worries".
Price to pay: Buku simpanan ada wang lagi tak, KWSP ada duit lagi tak, anak you ada bagi duit, mau mati pun mesti ada duit beli tanah untuk dirikan you punya "bunglow" atau you mau sewa "flat".

$$$ Sampai Mau Mati Pun Money Not Enough $$$


JT said...

dun 4get to enjoy our life!!!

MizJinX said...

lol. so funny and yet so true, yin.. until die also money wont be enough. might as well live life to the max now.. good message there. :)

Anonymous said...

ya!!!!!!!!! totally agree with ur article~