Nov 20, 2009

I Am Missing You

Knock, knock, knock...
I still hold tight to my blanket. Ignoring the noise.
Then, a hand touch my shoulder.
Shaking me softly,
Calling out my name: Ai Yin, Ai Yin.. Wake up. It's late.
Reluctantly I opened up my eyes. It is 8am. The room is still dark.
The curtain that I have totally block all the morning sunlight.
One thing it is good, cause, during summer, the sun rises as early as 4.30am.
Who woke me up? I dunno. What I know is I am late for class.
Waking up late has become my habit cause I sleep very late.
The tiredness has made me being insensitive to my mobile phone alarm.
I miss that... Not about being late.. I actually miss cuddling under the DUVET!!!
Malaysia where can use the duvet. I'll be certified dead by the doc for being over-steam.

EH!!! Time for class la... Need to walked at least 30mins for first-timer to John Foster. When you train yourself you will walk faster (15mins). Ah... play fast beat songs from your MP3, you will walk faster. If u follow the beat. Eh, but I don't miss climbing up the hill. I miss walking only. If Malaysia, I won't miss it. The weather so different. Summer also only 10-20 Celcius and can go lower during the night. I MISS THE WEATHER.

As the time pass, the night time arrives. However, the moon is just to lazy to take in her shift during the summer. The Moon will only appear around 8-9pm. That is to get a full dark sky.
Squatting down, look at the dead, makes me think whether I should could the fella to eat. Open the top, wonder who to chop today. Ishk.. what are you thinking off? I'm talking about the frozen food and vegetables la... Wonder what to cook for dinner. The most unpopular dish is the sausage. Not hot dog. IS SAUSAGE. Some people didn't know the difference. Never mind, go and Google and see. I miss Chop chop (hahaha.. sounds so Mr. Andrew Upton), Boil Boil, Cook Cook... I miss thinking of inventing new food. I MISS COOKING WITH MY BELOVED FRIENDS!
Elze, Trini, Stephy, Cheryl, Tammy. Eh... Now onli I realise.. all of them got english name, but I don't.

Eh.... The clock is ticking. Not clock, the number on my digital watch is jumping accendingly. By the time chit-chat, time to watch Big Brother Season 10. wah.. that is the silliest program I have ever watch. Put few sarcastic people inside a house and Jail them up. Fuyoh... What to do. For assignment purpose. Privacy Intrusion. Ada kissing, ada naked, ada homo.. Kalau Finas move to UK, habis all that scene kena ban. Pastu, tengok apa then? Nothing interesting d. Tapi naked tu ada limit la. Don't make ur imagination goes wild now, guys! However, in the end, we miss the LAST EPISODE! Know the winner is the big boobs lady, porn star, Sophie... UK porn mag sure to have her inside. Surprisingly most of the Big Bro ladies will turn out to be a porn star in the UK mag.

Never mind, after watching, go back to our own room. Tell you what, I cannot sit still one. Unless when I am emo, I am stress, I watch movie.... If not... Here I come, visiting my little neighbourhood (Flat 83). Knock, knock, knock... Hello.. "tim ah" "kau tim meh ah?" How to do ah? eh tell you that day I saw...... kissing ..... touching.... hugging.... slapping.... (gossip girls). wahahaha... that's what girls do. I MISS MY 83.5 the most. Just situated right opposite the kitchen. That's why everytime eening nap, I will usually be awaken by the smell of food. Hahaha...

Haiya.. late ad.. tomorrow need to work. Go angkat Spritzer Mineral Water for production. K la... Will contimue next time. I wanna sleep d...
Good night...
I will always miss you (all the above, temasuk barang barang, manusia, dan friendship)
I will keep it safely for nyanyuk usage.


Wivvy said...

Yer~After read your post, you really causing me miss Uk's life so much. Much than usual. Feel like want to fly back there now!T_T

Goh Ai Yin said...

hahaha... i believe everyone hope so.. minus the bad, leaving the good. erm.. u r wivinia?

wivvy said...

yes~I'm wivinia here!^^

MizJinX said...
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Anonymous said...

interesting! u have somewhat summarized most part of your uk life in one post! ;)