Apr 28, 2009

The Pole

The hot sun is shinning bright down the earth.
Not only it provides with the sun light.
But it brings the heat too.

Right in the middle of the desert, there, stand strong steel pole.
It has been there for more than a couple of decades.
Standing there all alone through out the years.
Giving comfort to those travellers.
Giving them place to lean.
Letting them to gain back their energy to walk to their destination.

Many people come and go in the pole's life.
It has try it's very best to help those who need it.
And never ask for return.

Till one day, it suddenly feel that the sand in the desert could not longer hold it.
It asked the help of one of a traveller to push it deeper into the sand.
To strengthen it.
However, the traveller replied.
"No, I cant."
Then the pole asked him why.
He said, "Cause you're to hot to be touched. It'll burn my hand."
And he just walked away.
Many other travellers too replied the same thing.

Few months past, and the pole found another traveller. Request the same thing.
And the traveller is very kind hearted enough. He helped the pole to push deeper into the sand.
Hence, the pole thanked him and asked him why he help.
"Well, if you're not strong, how am I suppose to lean on you?"

Although the pole felt a bit hurt, but it felt fine a minute later.
Cause it thought to itself.
"I'm just a pole. It's ok. At least I still can help one traveller to regain energy. And many others that are coming."
The pole knows that its life is about helping others.
Strong wind, under the hot sun, it still stand tall and be ready to help someone.

When the traveller gained his energy, he walked a distance. Then he stopped.
The pole saw him charged towards him. And gave a big bang to it's body.
The pole found its stand start to get loose. It's body started to lean to the left.
The pole was angry, and curious why he did that.

The traveller said, "Well, thanks for letting me to have a rest. But sorry to say, I only straighten you up cause i want to rest. If other travellers want to have it, then they shall straighten you up themselves.

The pole felt terribly hurt. Though the pole forgive the man for the first time. But this time, he is just too much.

Leaning side ward since then on, he got no other choice. Just to wait some one to help me stand up again.

Other travellers saw it. But just walk past it although it has ask for their favour. They ignore it cause they think it is useless...

Till it come to a time, it has given up.

But one day, the pole at last saw another traveller... And the pole knows it is going to fall to the ground if it's not straighten back.

The pole still has the anger to those who passed by him without helping him when he is in need.
He felt that people has totally use it only.
At the same time, he is falling down anytime.

Should or should not forgive them after so much pain the people had caused him? How many more forgiveness can it offer after one after one had hurt him so much?

What you think the pole should do?


sLyM said...

what did the last traveller do??
i feel pity for the pole cuz sadly that is how the world works these days. its a dog eat dog world. selfishness~
what should the pole do? i think it cannot do anything.. cuz it depends totally on humans. even if the pole does not forgive humans, humans will still lean on it for support.
poor pole~

Wei Xiang said...

what the last guy did; by banging him sideways, i feel is the right thing for him to do.

the substance of his actions is to remind others that sometimes, the person helping also needs help in order to continue providing the help he or she (or 'it' for the pole) is giving all this while.

yes, it may seem hard and impossible for one to understand the need of those 'help gainers' to support and give back those 'help givers', but think back, isn't this action just selfish?